How To Safely Enjoy Cannabis with Friends

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Being a medical cannabis patient can be a lonely thing. Our medicine is stigmatized by years of politically driven reefer madness. This is has driven many patients into the darkness, medicating alone with fear of getting caught. Now, we are moving into a more accepting age. Because of this, more and more patients are beginning to step out of the darkness and start lighting up together. We’ve made this handy little guide on how to safely smoke with a friend for anyone feeling adventurous.

Have Some Water

First and foremost, have some water available. This is especially important for those hosting friends for a smoke out. Offer them a glass of water right off the bat. This will help ensure that our friends stay comfortable and happy while we’re medicating together. Sometimes we can get a little too lifted to remember to ask for the things that we want. Anticipate this and make sure water is readily available when the time comes.

We’re All Alright

One of the most common things that I hear from people who don’t smoke cannabis anymore is that they get too freaked out and anxious. Nothing makes me sadder. Always remember that you’re doing ok! No need to start internalizing everything that happened. Personally, when things start to unravel I like to remember that I smoked this cannabis for a good reason and it is made to do great things. This usually helps my mind unlock from the anxiety. CBD tincture can also be valuable when experiencing THC-induced anxiety. Having a dropper full will balance our endocannabinoid system and bring us back.

Remember Not To Linger

This is something that every single one of us has probably done in our lives. We go to a friend’s house for awhile, have a great time. Then all of a sudden we realize we’ve been there for seven hours and maybe that was too long. Don’t be a lagger. Have fun, smoke up, ruminate in each other’s awesomeness; and then bounce. The best protocol might be to reassess the hangout after two to four hours. Sometimes both parties are ready to ride it out, sometimes it’s time to call it a day.


These are some fun, quippy ways to ensure that when we smoke with the homies we keep it happy and light.  Don’t be shy, but also don’t be an anxious clinger. That’s the best rule of thumb when safely enjoying cannabis with friends.