What’s on your Canna-bucket List?

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Sure, we all might have a list of things to do before we, well, "kick the bucket." But what about a cannabis bucket list -- a list of cannabis-related activities/accomplishments we hope to do before it's too late? Here's our HMH "Canna-bucket" list.... What do you think we missed?

1.  Master the art of making infused butter

If you're able to make infused butter, the whole world of making cannabis edibles opens up. Anything that includes butter - ranging from classic brownies and cookies to a delicious, comforting mac n cheese - can be infused! Other fats can be infused with cannabis too-- one of the more popular options is coconut oil. So, put on your chef's hat and test out a few of those recipes that you have been wanting to try. There's nothing quite like a delicious edible.

2. Go on a cannabis-themed road trip

Pack up your car - we are going on a road trip! This adventure is not quite like other ones -- this time, we'll be scoping out the best dispensaries. Time on the road will be spent searching for the best flower legal state have to offer. Of course, completing this item on the bucket list will require some research to determine each states' laws regarding buying and carrying flower -- but there's nothing quite like the wide open road, good friends and a goal in mind. Bonus: take the scenic route for a particularly memorable time.

3. Try a cannabis-infused intimate oil

You might remember our Valentine's Day post about how cannabis can enhance our sexual lives. Companies like Foria have developed an intimate cannabis spray for ladies. The spray acts as a lubricator, and has two primary ingredients: coconut and cannabis. These ingredients act together to safely take your sex life up another notch. Number three on our bucket list: try out a cannabis intimate oil with a partner and see if it's really as amazing as people are saying it is!

4. Participate in a Marijuana March

These marches, first held in 1999 by the cannabis activist Dana Beal, they have gained popularity with marches popping up across the globe. The marches are protests against cannabis prohibition. They are an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and to educate yourself and others. The marches send a firm message that cannabis prohibition should be a thing of the past -- in today's world, cannabis is increasingly normalized, widely consumed and an important medicine for many.

5. Learn how to use cannabis mindfully

Cannabis is an incredible supplement to our lives. It can take the dullest moment and turn it into something special. It can help us gain a new perspective, eliminate aches and pains, and truly help us feel like ourselves. However, it is important to find balance -- in what situations is cannabis helpful and when is it not? Be aware of how you're feeling -- realize why you're reaching for cannabis. Having an awareness of our own habits is an important aspect of self-care. When this is accomplished, cannabis can become an even more powerful medicine.

-- Words by Taylor Haynes