Alternative Modes of Medicating

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Most of us are familiar with smoking flowers, dabbing wax, and hitting a casual, discreet vape pen. However, there are even more amazing ways to utilize this healing plant. While ripping a pipe or hitting an e-nail is a great way to medicate, the options listed here tend to help us access the healing aspects of cannabis more easily. Topical lotions and balms, tinctures, and suppositories are all great modes of medicating for a patient that isn’t keen on smoking their cannabis.



When we say topicals, we’re referring to anything that is applied directly to the skin. This includes lotions, balms, creams, and even bath soak. Topical cannabis does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier, meaning that it won’t get us mentally high. It simply soaks into the skin and muscles releasing tension, inflammation, and nerve pain. When using a balm or lotion, rub massage the topical thoroughly into the pores. These lotions can also be rubbed directly into the scalp to combat migraines. Bath soaks are a bit easier, just throw the bomb or loose salts right into the bath tub and lower in. These products can be of great benefit to patients that deal with chronic pain but don’t want to get high.

cannabis topical


Tinctures are liquids extracted using food-grade ethanol, alcohol, or glycerin and taken orally. Some are further infused with proprietary blends of healing herbs and ingredients to help the cannabis work its magic. Tinctures are not always water soluble, but they can be put into beverages for easy ingestion. They can also be dropped directly under the tongue for fast absorption. Tinctures let us get an accurate dose and avoid smelling like dank flowers or smoke. They do take a bit longer to kick in than smoking or vaping, so be sure to medicate accordingly.


Ok, guys, we get it. Nobody wants to talk about butt stuff. But suppositories can be an exceptional form of medicine. So much so that Tommy Chong admits they helped him kick prostate cancer. So while many of us are used to this being an exit only area, patients who need to absorb these meds now will benefit from cannabis suppositories. They can be made using a coconut oil infusion and small bullet sized molds. The skin within the rectum is ultra absorbent and thus, is an effective mode of transportation for medicine.

As far as the cannabis plant goes, it can be used and manipulated in so many ways. These are only a few. Every budtender at High Mountain Health is knowledgeable about these alternative modes of medicating. So don’t be afraid to ask, and make sure to stay lifted.