What is your favorite thing about working at HMH?

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There are three things High Mountain Health really cares about: quality cannabis, patients and their employees.

Patients don't usually get to see what goes on behind the scenes here at HMH - but there is a talented team of employees working diligently to produce some of the best cannabis in AZ. Part of the reason we are so dedicated to this goal, is because HMH is a pretty great place to work. When there are happy employees - consultants, trimmers, growers - it truly shows through with a high-quality product. Take a look at some of the reasons a few of our employees love coming into work. These reasons range anywhere from the greater social impact dispensaries across the country are making to the some of the simpler perks.

Check out that group of good looking people! We love our HMH team. Thank you to everyone who makes HMH possible.

Carrie - Dispensary Manager

"We are almost an army - we are beyond a team. Our goal isn't about winning, but to be an agency of change. I'm surrounded by these amazing people that are dedicated to the same cause and that is absolutely beautiful."

Angela - Cannabis consultant 

"There are two reasons why I love working here. It's fun, but the staff is also valued. It feels like a family."

AJ - Cannabis consultant

"There are usually some really good snacks."

Anthony W. - Dispensary Manager

"Honestly the reason why I really love coming in, is because you can be yourself. You can talk about your problems, dress and act how you want. We all are able to define our own individuality."

Taylor H. - Receptionist

"I always feel challenged to learn more about cannabis and the industry. I love talking to patients about what they like and why. Having knowledgeable coworkers helps too."

Craig - Cannabis consultant

"I get to hang out with some of the best people in Flagstaff... and I get paid for it!"

Sallie - Receptionist

"HMH is close to home and I am learning about something I didn't know a lot about."

Stop by soon and talk to our employees about getting the best medicine for you individually. We would love to see you - you are, after all, why we are here.