Puff, Puff, Pass on the Love this Holiday Season

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Happy Holidays from HMH! Many of us our shopping for our loved ones, and we have compiled a guide to the best cannabis-themed gifts. These options are a thoughtful choice for your friends or family who also enjoy medicating. Of course, these gifts are only for legal card-holding patients (except for the CBD-only products - anyone can purchase those!) and please consume cannabis responsibly.

So sit next to your evergreen tree and puff, puff, pass on the love.

For the friend who loves flower: Here at HMH, we have an awesome flower-themed gift bag available for purchase. It makes shopping super easy - it's even already wrapped! The gift set includes the below items for a $45. With this purchase, you are saving $39.50, and it is sure to make someone's holiday season bright.

  • 1 battery
  • Smoking papers
  • Pre-roll tips
  • 1 dugout
  • 1 wood pipe
  • Lighter
  • Atomizer
  • Hempwick
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glass screens
  • Grinder card
  • USB charger

For the concentrate connoisseurSimilar to the flower gift bag, this option is perfect for someone who loves shatter. Also already wrapped, this gift includes a number of tools and accessories for dabbing. You can buy the below items for $50 and, as a package, you can save $58.

  • Torch
  • Clipper butane
  • 1 Tin nail
  • Pro tank
  • 2 wax containers
  • Dab tool

For the one who loves CBD-only products: Not everyone is a fan of THC; there are options for our CBD-only friends. One of the options are our TrewDerm gift bags, which include a high-quality tincture and a salve for $65. This option saves you $70! We also recommend checking out our other tinctures as well - the Hempful and Charlotte's Web have proven to be customer favorites. HMH also sells Pursend CBD bath salts, for a truly relaxing soak, and CBD soap (with incredibly refreshing tea tree and lavender scents), perfect for the loved one who deserves to be pampered.

For the outdoor enthusiast: If you live in Flagstaff, it's more than likely someone you know loves being in nature as much as they love cannabis. That's why we think our elk-horn pipe would be a creative and locally-sourced gift for that one friend who is always on an adventure - and might match their rugged, outdoorsy aesthetic perfectly. Another good addition would be our Uncle Herb's medicated nut mix -- a healthy source of protein and a good dose of medicine to keep them on the go. For those who are particularly athletic, medicated salves, such as Ya-Ya's, can work wonders for sore muscles, so they won't be down for long.

For the communityHMH is also doing our annual Care-ity Drive for the survivors of domestic violence. There are a number of items you can bring in, including bus passes, diapers, child-friendly books and movies, or personal hygiene products, to receive a raffle ticket. It is a great opportunity to support our community and possibly win some awesome medicine too.

If you would prefer to give a gift that keeps it simple and straightforward, a gift certificate would be a great option too.

We would love to see you at our dispensary soon! Enjoy the season!