Staff of the Month: Robin!

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Staff of the Month: Robin!

NAME: Robin

NICKNAME(S): Silky Phyne, Silkmaster Flex, The Fastest Silk Spinner in All the Land, Silky Silk Silk Silk Silk, 1000 Thread Count

POSITION: Facility Manager

FAVORITE STRAINS: Girl Scout Cookies

FAVORITE EDIBLES: Infusion gummies (any flavor)

SPECIAL SKILL: In my spare time I draw geometrical mandalas with a ruler and compass.

GOALS, INTENTIONS, ASPIRATIONS: At some point I’d really like to live within walking distance from the ocean and spend my time running a small fishing boat. My life goals are to continue to find happiness in everything that I do.

ABOUT: I was born in Colorado, lived there for 22 years, spent most of my childhood outside, I was very athletically inclined. I played 17 seasons of soccer and played street hockey with the neighborhood kids anytime there wasn’t snow on the roads. After high school I dabbled in collage but never settled on a major, I ended up finding a few rewarding jobs that transitioned into full time employment. I moved to Flagstaff in 2004, fell in love with our mountain town, bought a house in 2011 and have no plans on moving anytime soon.

FUN FACT: I'm addicted to ice cream.