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Liz with her rabbit, Angelo, at the Grand Canyon recently.

Liz with her rabbit, Angelo, at the Grand Canyon recently.

During the winter of 1990, Liz was driving along a desolate road in Colorado. She was working toward becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon, after many years in the medical field.

In the cold of the night, black ice had accumulated on a tricky curve on the way to Breckenridge. As Liz approached the curve, her car suddenly spun out of control. She crashed through a guardrail, and after falling 72 feet, she landed upright in her car, but unconscious. The next morning she awoke, and after fortunately flagging down a motorist, Liz was taken to Boulder for help. It was revealed she sustained a severe head injury: a crack at the base of her skull and damage in other areas.

Over course, recovering from this trauma has been a long road. After the accident, Liz was prescribed several pharmaceuticals to combat pain and severe mood swings. While the pharmaceuticals have played a role in her recovery, Liz also emphasizes the benefits of cannabis, particularly CBD products.

"I was prescribed Clonazepam, Flexeril, Vicodin. I hit what they call the 'pain pill plateau,'" Liz says.

She lost her appetite and her personality changed. Then she began medicating with cannabis.

"Cannabis allows me to feel, without being in a cloud," Liz explains.

Liz's immense research on cannabis and other holistic remedies has allowed her to effectively treat her ailments. A shelf in her home displays a number of essential oils and flower essences, alongside thick textbooks and handwritten notes. A bag of dark green canna-caps are kept fresh in the fridge. She makes her own capsules with HMH's high-CBD ACDC strain, which are infused with coconut oil.

"CBD needs to replace pharmaceuticals," Liz says. "Cannabis stimulates my appetite and is a neuroprotectant."liz-quote

Liz believes High Mountain Health is more of a clinic than a dispensary, where patients may receive education and support.

"HMH provides group instruction, which denotes more care and compassion," Liz says. "You need a group to heal."

Liz explains how cannabis has also helped her socialize.

Additionally, she believes her companion and service animal, a rabbit named Angelo, has helped in her recovery. She takes him most places with her. Her love for animals is apparent; icons of Francis of Assisi decorate her home, some of which she made herself.

"Angelo gives me a reason to get out of bed," Liz says. Angelo lives a pretty comfy life, and recently accompanied Liz on a trip to the Grand Canyon to celebrate her birthday.

Liz also enjoys painting and attending church. She recently moved back to Colorado and is looking forward to a new start there.