Our Top Picks for Fall Strains

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Fall is in the air! A tree across from our dispensary is already displaying the golden hues characteristic of autumn. Suddenly, curling up with a fuzzy blanket and apple cider sounds great... And how can we not be excited for Halloween, which is just around the corner? We are so lucky to live in northern Arizona, where we can experience the full range of seasons in the year. Fall is, by far, the best. 😉

Here is our guide to the best fall strains -- for when the days are a little shorter and the air is a little crisper.

GREEN CRACK // Citrus // Energizing // 90% Sativa - Green Crack is one of the all-time best sativa strains. It's buzzing, energetic effects are good for invigorating daytime use. This strain also has medicinal qualities, good for depression and fatigue. Don't let the change of seasons get you down -- try some Green Crack and you won't be disappointed.

Recommended Activities: Exploring and/or adventuring, bike-riding, enjoying the fall colors.

LOUIS XIII OG // Sweet // Uplifting // 60% Sativa - This memorable delicious-smelling and tasting strain is ideal for a wide-range of activities. Louis' high THC content will leave you feeling stress-free, while still alert enough for daytime use. It's trichome-covered buds and potent scent is hard to resist. Medicinally, this strain is perfect for treating appetite-loss, depression and chronic pain.

Recommended Activities: Apple-picking, sunset-watching, socializing.

 PURPLE TIDE // Spicy // Relaxing // 60% Indica - Purple Tide's lavender, frosty buds are as pretty as they are potent. This lovely indica is perfectly relaxing. If you're prone to anxiety and stress, this strain is for you. Its genetics will leave you with a smile on your face as your worries disappear. Let your body and mind relax and float away on the purple tide.

Recommended Activities: Watching scary movies with friends, sipping warm apple cider, snuggling

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES // Sweet // Calming // Indica-dominant Hybrid - GSC's is well-known, and for good reason. This hybrid offers almost instantaneous body relaxation, while still allowing a cerebral and imaginative experience. A little of this straingoes a long way, and patients may receive relief from pain, nausea and a lack of appetite.

Recommended Activities: Jumping into a pile of leaves, contemplating, philosophical conversations