Strain Pairings: Meditation

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Meditation has been utilized for thousands of years for spiritual reasons and its immense health benefits. Many might dismiss meditation as a practice not based in science, but critics might be surprised to discover there are studies promoting meditation as a useful and effective method for reducing stress. Beyond that, meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure, prevent insomnia and increase one's emotional well-being. There are several types of meditation, from practicing mindfulness, to tai chi, to mantra meditation. All of these versions are beneficial in their own way, it's up to you to decide which you're most comfortable with.

Cannabis and meditation go hand in hand. Many of the effects of cannabis mimic the effects of meditation, and vice-versa. Cannabis may be used to amplify the effects of meditation, or help you get into a mindset more conducive to meditation -- allowing thoughts to flow freely without judgement. Because of this seemingly natural partnership between meditation and medicating with cannabis, we thought we would find the best strains for this activity. So sit back, focus on your breathing and enjoy. Feel your stress and worries slip away with each passing moment.

Cannabis choice #1: Granddaddy Purple

GDP is among the most-loved indica strains with incredibly relaxing effects. After medicating with this particular flower, tranquility will overcome your mind, and stress will melt away. Because of its incredibly relaxing qualities, this strain is best paired with stationary forms of meditation, such as mantra meditation or mindfulness meditation. Ingest the flower through whatever means you prefer and find a comfy place for some serious re-centering.

Cannabis choice #2: Blue Dream

Blue dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid, with invigorating, cerebral effects. While your mind will be opened, your body will be completely relaxed -- a perfect combination for meditating. Let your mind wander; acknowledge this, and then bring it back to focus on breathing. This strain also is known for relieving stress and is especially pleasant with its sweet, blueberry flavor.

Cannabis choice #3: Cinderella 99

Sativa enthusiasts are especially excited when Cinderella 99 appears on our menu at HMH. Cindy's uplifting, euphoric effects have placed it among the best sativa strains for daytime-use. After ingesting, this strain creates a euphoric, dreamy buzz. The strain is best paired with movement-based meditation such as tai-chi and yoga, but in small amounts may be beneficial with mantra or mindfulness meditation. Cindy's effect have been described by an HMH employee as "warm, nice flow."

Cannabis choice #4: Harlequin

Harlequin is a high-CBD strains with incredible medical benefits -- particularly those in aiding pain, anxiety, stress and inflammation. This mango-smelling strain is said to have clear-headed and stimulating psychoactive effects. Feel your worries slip away after ingesting Harlequin and settle into a calm awareness of the present.

Cannabis choice #5: Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies' name can be credited to its chocolatel-y, minty flavor -- reminiscent of the all-time favorite Girl Scout Cookie, Thin Mints. This lovely strain's effects can be described as intensely uplifting and settling in with a cheerful buzz. You'll have a smile on your face as all negativity disappears and you find yourself in a state of blissful contemplation. We recommend utilizing this strain in a quiet outdoor space for practicing mindfulness.