Medicated Smoothie? That’s Smart.

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This summer has been one with record-setting setting heat. Whether you live in the sizzling deserts of Phoenix or Tucson, or the balmy northern cities, we are all looking for a cool reprieve. So, get our your blender and get ready for some sweet summer treats.

Smoothies are one of the best food groups ever! Cold, refreshing, nutritious, and restorative. Adding a little "magic" ingredient to a smoothie is a great way for patients to find relief while providing their body with a nutritious refreshment.


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My choice: Tropical. I made the tropical smoothie with the Cornucopia Lemon Sativa Tincture. The smoothie was delicious and nutritious, and the effects I was seeking were immediately apparent. I felt uplifted and calm, as if I was chillaxing in a hammock on some beach on the equator.  This combo was perfect for a restorative day dedicated to myself. I highly recommend combining the health benefits of smoothies and cannabis. Let us know what recipe works for you.