Father’s Day Gift Guide from HMH

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Father's Day is 6/19/16. What do you get the dad who is classy, cool and loves cannabis? Check out this gift guide from HMH to celebrate Father's Day the right way.

Herb Cookbook

  1. Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis

Does your dad love to cook and medicate? If so, this cookbook might be the perfect gift to celebrate. Diverse recipes include oven-roasted chicken thighs with green chili sauce, or old-fashioned mac and cheese, accompanied with expert tips on how to perfect your canna-oil or canna-butter. Can we just say, "yum" ? $24.99 from Urban Outfitters.


2. Gonja Grease Beard Butter

Help dad keep his facial hair looking shapely with this CBD-infused beard butter, Gonja Grease. It also nourishes delicate skin with vitamins and natural oils. $6.99 from Bearded Botanicals.


3. Matador Coffee Hemp Blend

COMING SOON - High Mountain Health is excited to begin featuring a lovely hemp-seed blend coffee from the local Matador coffee shop and roastery. This would make a great gift for father's day, and is sure to be enjoyed for many mornings. We are all about supporting local businesses in Flagstaff! Pick up a 1/2 lb of the nutrient-rich and delicious blend from HMH soon.

Kiva4. KIVA medicated chocolate

A perfect accompaniment to the coffee above would be a bar of Kiva chocolate. These bars come in a range of flavors; HMH stocks both the blackberry and tangerine dark chocolate, both at $38 for 180mg.