Our Top Picks For Spring Strains

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It’s officially spring here in northern Arizona! The weather has no rhyme or reason, everything is blooming, and the allergies are booming. Spring is a perfect time of year to take advantage of the rejuvenating energy of nature and get outside! Nature is an amazing healer and combining the therapeutic attributes of cannabis with the power of the outdoors can do wonders to enhance your well being.

Here is a list of our staff’s favorite strains for spring.


MAUI // Fruity // Tropical // Energizing // 100% SATIVA – Wake up to a little Maui sunrise! This pure Hawaiian strain is tropical, uplifting and potent. This strain provides an incredible burst of euphoria and offers an intense exciting energy. Maui is a patient and staff favorite. A perfect strain to accompany your fast paced outdoor adventure!

Recommended Activity: Hiking, running, biking, hootin’ and hollerin’.


HARLEQUIN // Sweet // Musky // Clear Headed // 75% Sativa – (Colombian Gold x Thai x Swiss land-race) – High CBD strains are often overlooked, but should not be underestimated. CBD is one of the most therapeutic cannabinoids found in medical cannabis and relive a number of ailments, such as depression, anxiety, and pain. Harlequin is one of our favorite 1:1 CBD:THC strains. This strain offers a beautiful clear headed and euphoric high, but with out the sometimes intense THC “high” A perfect strain for mellow activities in the sun.

Recommended Activity: Sunday brunching, strolling, 


TRINITY BLUEBERRY // Sweet // Earthy // Euphoric // 75% Sativa– (Trinity x Blueberry) – Trinity Blueberry is a very unique strain with a very unique color. The buds are a deep blue  and are covered in icy trichomes. The Trinity genetics will have you smiling as you soar above the clouds while the Blueberry genetics melt away any of your aches and pains. A perfect strain for boosting your mood while offering great body relief.

Recommended Activity: Sun bathing, picnicking with friends, eating ice cream and of course, picking blueberries.


CINDERELLA 99 // Tropical // Citrus // Euphoric // 70% Sativa – (Jack Herer x Shiva Skunk) – Cindy 99 is a great mood and energy booster. The sweet lemon and pine aromas will light up your smile and your soul. The energy this strain provides is smooth and relaxing. Cindy 99 is the perfect strain to find your flow.

Recommended Activity: Yoga, hiking, pondering, gardening, forest meditation.